Hi there! Glad you found us! My name is Mrs. G and my hubs is Mr. G and we live in Southern Utah.  We have 4 fantastic kids that range in age from 4-10 years old. They are busy, busy, busy kids and we try to find new things for them to do outside. We love new trails, new scenery and anything that lets them explore, run, jump, climb, crawl and more.  I started this website because I like to prepare myself before I set of on a new trail with the family. I guess I should explain that I have an overwhelming fear of my children near heights. That’s right. Not heights in general (I’m fine with heights and myself), but add my kids in the mix and I all-but have a nervous breakdown. With that said, I like to do as much research about a trail, hike, or outdoor adventure before we go on one with the family. This allows me to mentally prepare or flat-out avoid the adventure all together.  However, reviews of outdoor trails, hikes and adventures from the perspective of “I have 4 crazy kiddos in tow” were slim pickins’. So…there ya have it and here we are.


Please Note: We are not professional hikers. We are not professional writers/reviewers.  Please take our advice as just that: our perspective and advice based on our personal experience. Each child is different. Each parent or guardian is different. Each family is different. Make a judgement call based on those items as they pertain to you. HAVE FUN!!! That’s what outdoor family time is about!