Dege Peak Trail | Mt. Rainier National Park

Length: 3.1 miles roundtrip
Gain: 820 feet
Elevation: Highest Point 7006 ft
Pets: Not Allowed
Level for Families: Moderate (due to incline)
Pass / Cost: National Park Pass
Facilities: Not at Sunrise Point Parking; Available at Sunrise Visitors Center
Seasons: Road is closed during the winter season
Trailhead Co-ordinates: 46.91735627066132, -121.58792343863465 (Sunrise Point Parking)

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Dege Peak Trail is a split off from the Sourdough Ridge Trail. Easily accessible and ample parking, the Sunrise Point parking (below the Sunrise Visitors Center) will give you plenty of choices for different trails (You can also access this same trail if you start at the Sunrise Visitors Center.).

We picked Dege Trail because we were hiking with kids. Although trail descriptions warn of ledges and overlooks, it’s still an incredibly well-kept and well-defined path with safe edges.

Begin on the Sourdough Trail and don’t look down! Not because of heights, but there are SO many opportunities for views and pictures on Sourdough Ridge Trail. You won’t want to miss a single moment!

Bring lots of water, your camera, and start the uphill climb. There’s no warm-up to the incline for Dege Peak. If you’re new to hiking, working on your endurance, or hiking with small children, my best advice is… be patient with yourself. There aren’t a lot of places to step off the trail for a break, but when the coast is clear, don’t feel bad about taking a quick moment to breathe. Pace yourself. The viewpoint at the end of Dege Peak is worth every step.

One of my favorite parts of Dege Peak Trail is the never-ending view of Mt. Rainier. You almost feel like you could touch the mountain. Dege’s views are surreal and if you visit during the right time of summer, the wildflowers will be mesmerizing.

Our picture below was taken in mid-August.

I highly recommend this trail if you are hiking with kids. Keep in mind that this is quite the incline in a short span, which is why Dege Peak Trail is marked as a moderate level hike.

Dege Peak is breathtaking. Even my teen son who complained about going on this hike said at the top, “Okay, fine. This hike was worth it.” You can’t beat that view, amiright?

At the peak there are plenty of rocks and flat space for you to sit and enjoy the landscape. We packed a light lunch and spent quite a bit of time enjoying the cool breeze and taking in the mountains and blue skies.

If hiking in the middle of summer, the trail can become quite dusty. When heading back down the ridge, some spots can become a bit slippery in the dust. Be sure you are wearing proper footwear (I hiked in my Colombia sandals and did just fine.)

Dege Peak Trail in Mt. Rainier National Park is a must-do. There are so many well-loved trails throughout this National Park, I know it can be hard to decide. Don’t let Dege Peak be forgotten.

Items to Remember:

  • There is little shade on this trail; keep this in mind on hot days.
  • Protect the wildflowers at all costs. Stay on the trail. Do not pick the flowers.
  • Check the weather before you go. Cloudy or stormy days may prevent your view of Mt. Rainier.
  • Early spring may still have snow.
  • Due to the incline, know your limits and be patient with yourself.

For more detailed views of Dege Peak Trail, click the gallery below.

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