Diablo Lake Overlook | North Cascades

Diablo Lake in the north cascades is quite the instagram-worthy lake. Its gorgeous blue color is hard to resist. If you find yourself traveling on highway 20 through the north cascades, be sure to take a moment to visit the Diablo Lake Overlook for some breathtaking views (some, including google maps, may refer to this as Diablo Lake Vista Point).

Length: None; just an overlook
Elevation Gain: None
Level for Families: Easy
Pass / Cost: No pass needed; FREE
Facilities: Pit (vault) toilet which is also wheelchair accessible
Overlook Address: Hwy 20 Mile Marker 132, North Cascades National Park, WA 98284-1263

It’s important to note that highway 20 is closed during the winter months and typically reopens in May.

To check out alerts for this area, please visit the NPS website here.

According to Outdoor Project, “Diablo’s turquoise waters are the product of glacier-ground rock silt, which is carried down from these mountains by streams. This “rock flour” reacts with light to give the lake its bluish-green hue.”

There isn’t a bad picture at this viewpoint. It is a great place to stop for a quick lunch. The overlook parking is big enough for even a busy afternoon. We stopped for lunch, a quick bathroom break and then continued on our ride down highway 20.

If you have time to do some hiking, check out these trails near Diablo Lake Overlook:


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