Droning Over Southern Utah

When you say the word Utah, most often people think of large mountains with the best snow on earth; a skier’s haven.  However, all it takes is a few hours driving south on I-15 to find an incredibly different landscape. In the bottom tip of Utah, you’ll find spreads of red rocks, slot canyons, cactus, 100 degree weather and so much more.

Photographer Jeremiah Barber has created some awesome drone footage.  A few of these videos are granting us rare footage of our beloved southern Utah all thanks to his drone. His beautiful work will make you fall in love with the desert and see southern Utah in a new and fresh way.

In thinking of visiting the desert, you think hot, cactus, sweat and flat boring landscapes.  What you don’t normally think of are waterfalls. But the desert does in fact bring some beautiful waterfalls! All it takes is an intense rainstorm to turn this normally dry landscape into a gorgeous spread of waterfalls.

If you’ve never visited this corner of Utah, Jeremiah’s videos will give you plenty of reasons why you should add this to your travel map. Deserts aren’t as boring as cartoons would like you to think.  There’s a massive amount of adventure waiting for you and your family. Check out southern Utah and how beautiful she is.


Want to experience more of southern Utah? Check out these amazing hikes that are perfect for hiking with kids in southern Utah.

Hiking Lava Flow Trail in Snow Canyon State Park

Hiking Butterfly Trail in Snow Canyon State Park

Butterfly Trail Snow Canyon State Park

Hiking SCOUT CAVE in Snow Canyon State Park


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