Freemont Troll | Seattle, Washington

The Freemont Troll is a public sculpture located under the Aurora Bridge in Seattle, Washington (some refer to this as the Freemont Bridge).  A famous tourist spot, but often overlooked by locals.  I lived in the PNW nearly my entire life, about 20 minutes from Freemont, and didn’t see our famous Troll until my mid-30s. 🙂

If you’re heading downtown for other adventures, this is a great stop to make along the way. Not much to do but snag some great pictures and enjoy this awesome piece of art.

Aurora Bridge Tourist Troll Kid-Friendly Fun PNW

Address: N 36th Street Aurora Ave N. Seattle, WA 98103
Hours: Open 24 hours since it is in a public area; note that this is in a residential area so be considerate of the locals that live near here.
Cost: FREE!
Parking: Parking is limited. Please follow street signs.
Nearby: Troll’s Knoll Park, Gas Works Park, Theo Chocolate

Additional Cool Info:

  • The car held by the Troll is a real Volkswagen bug!
  • The sculpture is inspired by the folktale Billy Goat’s Gruff.  If you approach the Troll from downhill, about 2 blocks away there is a garden sculpture of 3 goats.
  • Created from steel, concrete and wire.
  • Artists: Will Martin, Steven Badanes, Donna Walter, Ross Whitehead

Full disclosure: There is a pretty heavy homeless population near the sculpture. It comes and goes depending on what time of year you visit, but the Troll has been vandalized and isn’t quite as clean as he used to be.  When taking your children, be sure to go during the day and don’t let them roam free in the nearby wooded area or homes.

The city is working hard to clean this up. The city is currently trying to assist the homeless camp members in relocating to shelters. Here is some information on their efforts:

For more information on this fun stop, visit!

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