Heybrook Lookout | Stevens Pass, WA

This trail is an uphill climb to the awesome Heybrook Lookout, one of only 106 lookouts left in Washington State.

Length: 2.6 miles roundtrip
Gain: 850 feet
Highest Point: 1700 feet
Pets: Allowed on a leash
Level for Families: Moderate; this is UPHILL
Pass / Cost: No pass needed; FREE
Facilities: There are no toilets at the trailhead. One pit toilet at the base of the lookout (bring your own toilet paper).
Trailhead Co-ordinates: 47.8084, -121.5352

Driving Directions: Driving from Everett, follow Highway 2 37.5 miles to the trailhead just past mile marker 37 and the sign for the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. The gravel parking area is on the north side of the highway.

The Heybrook Lookout sits atop its namesake ridge at 1,700 feet. The lookout itself rises 67 feet above the ridgeline and provides spectacular views of breathtaking glacial peaks surrounding the valley. The first Heybrook fire lookout was a simple tent platform built in 1925. The Forest Service replaced it seven years later with a 45-foot log leg tower, with a ground-level cabin intended as sleeping quarters for fire rangers; however, rampant rodents eventually drove the rangers up into the tower where they lived until a 67-foot lookout was built in 1964. Heybrook Lookout is one of only 106 lookouts left in Washington State.

You’ll find ample parking off the main roadway and the trailhead is easy to find. There are no facilities at this trailhead; please ensure you pack out anything you pack in.

At the trailhead, there is a registration box to submit your visit. I don’t believe this is required, but helpful in case of emergencies and helping the rangers know how used the trail is.

Do be aware that this trail begins going uphill.  You are working your way to a fire lookout — that means venturing to the top of the ridge.  Seems obvious, I know. But when I started this trail, KNOWING I was going to a fire lookout, it didn’t even cross my mind just HOW uphill this trail would be. 🙂

If you have knee issues or are not in the greatest health, this hike might be difficult or incredibly slow going.  We had 5 children with us, ranging in ages from 8 to 13.  They all handled this trail with no issues (other than whining).  My oldest nearly ran the entire trail. I may have been the only one out of breath (but would do this trail again in a heartbeat!).

Our family LOVED this trail. We will be doing this one again when the views are clear.  The day we chose to go, the summer wildfires caused quite a haze and blocked some of the gorgeous view. With that said, it was still an amazing sight to see once we hit the lookout.

I loved rounding the corner at the top of the trail; you will slowly see the lookout come in to full view and then it’s a little uphill climb to reach the top.

The lookout brings views of Mount Persis and Mount Baring.  Can you spot Bridal Veil Falls on Mount Index? At the base of the lookout is a picnic table that allows for a nice lunch break.  There is even a pit toilet for those that need to go.

TAKE NOTE: This lookout is an ACTIVE RENTAL. Individuals can rent the top of the lookout for overnight stays. Be mindful of this when venturing up the stairs. Do not try to force your way to the top and try to keep your noise level reasonable.  On our visit there was a couple at the top and they were kind and happy to see us. They stayed in the lookout but happily waved to my excited children as they ran up and down the lookout.

Be sure to click through the gallery of pictures below for more detailed views of the Heybrook Lookout trail.

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