Hiking with Kids: Pack the Patience

mom-kid3-kolobDoing anything with kids requires patience, but hiking can sometimes add a new frustration to the mix. You have a plan. You have the supplies. You have the map. You’re ready to go….and then someone falls, scrapes their knee and the world begins to implode.  We’ve all been there.

Washington Trails Association published a great article covering some useful tips for when it comes to hiking with kids.  My favorite tip is the first one:

Modify Your Goals.

Even though the trail seems easy, short and even fun, that doesn’t mean you’ll make it to the end. Learn to be flexible, and hike to enjoy yourself verses reaching the end of a trail. You can always come back another time, but if you push and push just to meet what your expectation of the hike was, you’ll be sure to create an unfavorable experience for everyone involved.

A few more tips are:

Pack the Patience and Flexibility.

Know What Features are Ahead.

Dress for Success.

Here at Outdoor Family Adventures we are trying to help you with the tip of “know what features are ahead”. I hope you find our reviews helpful in your own personal adventures.

Click HERE to read the full article.

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