Iverson Spit Preserve & Trail | Camano Island, WA

Iverson Spit Preserve Trail is found on Washington’s Camano Island. It is also know as Iverson Trail Preserve. Although this is referred to as a “trail”, it is not a hike. I would not go out of your way to visit this trail, but if you are heading to Camano Island to play at the beach, the Hobbit Trail is worth a visit.

Once at the Preserve, you can choose to enjoy your day at the beach or walk the trail. We started with investigating the trail and ended up at the beach. It doesn’t matter which direction you take the trail as it is a loop, but the signs will make sense if you start on the right side of the fork and continue around.

We started on the left, and it went backwards…not ideal for a first visit because the signs won’t make as much sense.

Parts of the trail were cleared. By cleared I mean it looks like they ran a riding lawnmower through the grass.

There is a stretch of the trail that wasn’t well kept at all. The brush was really over grown and covering the path. It was basically like walking through tall grass and praying you didn’t have a spider in your hair (just me?).  We also had a few run-ins with some stinging nettle. Not the kids favorite part of the trail. I’m not sure how often they clean this up, but in June of 2018 it was not cleared.

There’s also a chance we weren’t on the main path, but truthfully it was a bit hard to tell.  However, the wooden planks laid beneath our feet made me feel confident we were on the marked path.

The best part of this one mile walk is the Hobbit Trail. The Hobbit Trail winds you through a mossy forest. It is indeed for Hobbit’s as watching my 6′ 7″ husband crouch below the bending trees and limbs. If you venture through the Hobbit Trail it will lead you to the end of the loop. Or by pass it and continue to the end on the normal trail.

Our favorite part of visiting Iverson Spit was playing on the beach. The tide was incredibly low the day we went. We found tiny crabs, big crabs, herrings, sea lions and more!

All in all, this is a fun visit for the family. I would not go out of my way to visit this walking trail, but if I wanted to come spend a day at the Iverson Spit Preserve on Camano Island, I definitely would visit the Hobbit Forest!



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From I-5, take Exit 212 and head west for 10 miles on Highway 532. Pass through Stanwood, and cross the bridge onto Camano Island. Stay left on East North Camano Drive. Then at the light turn left on Sunrise Boulevard and go 2.5 miles. Turn left on Iverson Beach Road, turn left at a T intersection and head downhill. Make another left at the next intersection and drive to the preserve at the end of the road.
There is ADA parking available nearer the Franklin Falls Trailhead. Be sure to have a placard; parking patrols are on and will ticket violaters.



Where: Puget Sounds, Camano Island, WA, PNW
Distance: Trail Loop 1.0 miles roundtrip
Cost: FREE
Elevation Gain: 400 feet
Level of hike: Easy, grass and root covered, not suitable for a stroller.

WTA.org Trail Description: If you’ve been to Cama Beach and Camano Island State Parks, and you’re looking for another diversion on Camano Island, consider Iverson Spit Waterfront Preserve. This delightful area offers some short hiking trails and, of course, ever present views of the Cascade Mountains and shoreline wandering.  Come to picnic or wander along the beach, but definitely make this stop if you’re a birdwatcher. 125 bird species have been spotted here! The preserve will hold children and adults attention for a forest exploration and seaside stroll.  Found on Port Susan Bay at the opening of Livingston Bay, this area is about 10 minutes from Stanwood. You’ll enjoy views northeast across Port Susan Bay of the Cascades: Mount Baker, Glacier Peak, Mount Pilchuck and others.

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