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Ivins, Utah is home to some of the most amazing views in St. George. Although it is a smaller town, about 15 minutes outside of St. George, it is full of wonderful trails and views. The Ivins Reservoir has been around for awhile, however it is not as well known. That is until this year; the city worked with the nearby Shivwits Indian Tribe and Kayenta owners (a community in Ivins) to build a designated swimming area attached to the reservoir. They brought in nearly 17,000 cubic feet of sand and cleared out tons of vegetation to create a wonderful and clean beach area.

Accessing the park is very easy. Heading west on Sunset Drive in St. George, continue through Santa Clara on Highway 91. Take the right immediately after the entrance to Kayenta.


We made our way to the reservoir the day after the ribbon cutting (May 2015) and it was gorgeous. There weren’t very many people there and it was easy to find a parking spot. The very next day this was not the case. The word must have spread! The parking lot was full and we had to park down the driveway, however there was still A TON of room on the beach and sand.

The parking lot is just a dirt area with chalked parking lines. There is only one road in and out, so it is wise to be respectful of other drivers. I noticed a few trailers taking up multiple parking stalls. Personally I think it would make more sense for trailers to use the side of the road for parking rather than stalls. Also, if going with a group, carpool!! The parking is limited, so anything we can do to help make this area easy and fun for all visitors is appreciated.


There are 2 bathrooms. Although they are “flushable”, they appear to be pit bathrooms with flushing toilets (think of an RV bathroom). They are clean and easy to use with locking doors.


Just off the parking lot is a dirt trail that circles the reservoir. This is a great way to travel down to additional parts of the beach without having to tread through sand whilst carrying everything you can imagine. I even brought our collapsable wagon; it traveled incredibly well on the dirt trail (even with the weight of a full cooler with ice!). So don’t be afraid to pack a wagon to make the trip easier. Strollers would also have an easy time traveling down the dirt road (of course, after a rain this would be more difficult).



Bring your paddle boards and kayaks!! This reservoir is big enough that you won’t feel like you will be bumping in to your neighbor, but small enough you don’t have to worry about losing sight of kids that like to swim or float to the middle.  The smooth grade from beach front to water is perfect for kids, especially little ones that just want to get their toes wet.


Also, the views are just amazing! The red rock behind the reservoir are breaktaking and if you happen to be there around dusk, you will watch the red rocks light on “fire”!


About the park:

  • FREE
  • Parts of the trail and park are owned by the Shivwits Indian Tribe and Kayenta. Be respectful at all times of this property.
  • Parking is limited; carpool and park trailers on the side of the entrace verses a parking spot
  • There are bathrooms and sinks!
  • Lots of beach area; if the parking lot is full that doesn’t mean there isn’t any room on the sand
  • Bring floaties, kayaks and paddle boards

Things to remember:

  • NO DOGS — they are working hard to keep this swimming hole clean and sanitary. Please respect the NO DOGS (at all!) rule.
  • There is not a lot of garbage cans around the beach area. Be prepared to pack out ALL of your garbage (I already saw empty packages of food flying around on day 3 of its opening). 🙁
  • No drinking fountains. Pack a lot of water (no trees for shade).
  • There are some sticks under the water so be cautious. We did have one kid come away with a small cut.


7 thoughts on “Ivins Reservoir | Fire Lake Park | Ivins, UT

  1. Thank you for this info. I’m heading out today with my grandchildren and was searching for info regarding dogs. A trained dog is very sanitary but many dogs are untrained I certainly respect the greater need. My pooch will stay home from this adventure. Great info!

    1. Hi Kaelynn, I don’t think that the reservoir closes for winter. Most here in southern Utah are open year round. *Update: I double checked and called the city; the reservoir is open year round! Have fun!*

  2. I recently went to the lake. I hadn’t been there for a long time and did have my two small dogs with me. Before I saw the new signage, I had let them out of the car but then saw the new signs and was gathering them up to put them back in the car when I was ASSULTED by a woman in a black smaller suv vehicle. She was screaming obscenities at me like I have never heard in my life!!! I was clearly trying to get the two dogs in the car but they were frightened by her. She screamed every foul word possible at me. Filthy crazy stuff. i believe she was at the building that is gated as you come in. I don’t know what that building is and I was going to go in and complain but she appeared to be the only one there and by now I was concerned for my own safety. I know that if I had argued with her, I would have been in danger. She appeared to be very impaired. Doesw anyone know what they do in the building by the lake?

    1. Hi Alice! I’m so sorry to hear about our experience. I would call the city of Ivins and ask about the buildings. They should be able to assist.

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