Molson Schoolhouse Museum | Oroville, WA

Molson Ghost Town and Schoolhouse Museum are found in North Central Washington near Oroville, WA. The Molson Schoolhouse closed to students in 1969. It reopened as a museum in 1982.

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This museum may seem small when you walk in, but we spent hours taking in every bit of history they had to share. Most of the volunteers that work here live in Molson and have a rich history with the town. Be sure to say hi to the volunteers!

I found myself spending so much time looking through the old cookbooks and recipes. In every room there is so much to see and explore.

Another favorite of mine was the tiny classroom that took you back in time.

If you find yourself near Oroville, make sure you take a moment to visit Molson. It is a small treasure tucked away that you won’t regret visiting.

In addition to the Molson Schoolhouse, be sure to also check out:

Molson Ghost Town

Old Molson Ghost Town is located on the right as you enter into the town of Molson.

Molson Schoolhouse Museum is located on the left as you reach the center of town. Volunteers staff the museum 7 days a week, 10a – 5p, from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

539 Molson Road
Oroville, WA 98844

For more information about Molson Museums, visit their websites below:
Molson Museums on Facebook

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