Paradise Valley Conservation Area | Snohomish County, WA

Paradise Valley Conservation Area (PVCA) is 793 acres of conservation area that is just waiting for you to explore.  PVCA features nearly 13 miles of natural surface trails suited from hiking, biking and equestrian adventures.

PVCA trails are easy and very kid-friendly.  It’s hard to choose which trail to take, but we decided to make decisions as we went and the kids loved every minute of it.  The PVCA comes with ample parking. No permits are required which makes this a great last minute adventure for the family. There is one lonesome portable toilet in the parking area. It wasn’t terribly clean when we went and it was out of toilet paper. It couldn’t hurt to tuck some tissues in your backpack.

From the parking area, you have a single trail to begin on. This trail is for foot, bikes and horses.  Some of the trails are restricted to foot traffic only.  We began by taking the first turn on to Whispering Firs Trail.

My favorite part of the PVCA are the educational plaques that teach you about the tress and plants as you go. Each kid took a turn reading the fun fact and couldn’t wait to find another (also, keep an eye out for bunny burrows!). Such a nice and unexpected treat.

There is a warning at the trailhead reminding hikers that bears have been spotted in this area.  Be sure you know what to do if a you happen to come across a bear while hiking.

I love how well the trails are marked.  If you download a printable version of the park map before you go, you can comfortably make last minute decisions regarding the route to take. My kids loved being in charge of the map and planning our next turn.

We worked our way towards “The Clearing”. This is a perfect place to eat lunch or take a little break.  There’s a big open area with benches to sit on.



One thing I love about the PVCA is with 10+ miles of foot trails, you can choose a different path each time; take an easy hike or walk all day. All the trails are incredibly well cared for which makes this area great for all ages.

Getting to the PVCA is very easy. Even with nearly 800 acres of land, you won’t feel like you had to drive all day to go on an adventure.


Take I-5 south to exit 182 merging onto I-405 South (Renton-Bellevue).
Take SR522/I-405 exit toward SR202 (Monroe-Wenatchee).
Take left fork merging onto SR522 East.
Turn right at Paradise Lake Road.
Parking lot is just north of the Lloyd family farm on the west side of the road.


Distance: Choose your own adventure! Up to 13 miles of trails available.
Skill Level: Easy; depends on trail
Cost: FREE
When: Access year round
Pets: Dogs allowed on leash,

More Information about the PVCA and future development plans.


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