Playing in the Rain | 20 Activities for Kids

Don’t let the rain keep you from having fun! Maybe it’s the pacific northwest blood running through me, but I LOVE the rain. My love of cloudy days and rain rivals Christmas music and fall scents. It’s an intense passion of mine. One thing I hope to teach my kids is that rain doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. Here are some ideas of how to have fun in the rain (there’s also a few ideas to do indoors)!

20 Activities To Do In The Rain |

  1. Have a rain gutter boat race! Use toilet paper rolls or find some good leaves and sticks.
  2. Go puddle jumping!
  3. Bike racing! Let the kids put on some grubby clothes and teach them the fine art of getting a strip of mud up their back as they ride through a puddle.
  4. Have a dance party!
  5. Measure how much rain falls.
  6. Measure the time between lightning and thunder. Teach the kids what this time means in relation to the storm and distance.
  7. Try to make it rain in the house before the storm outside stops.
  8. Play mud kick/foot/soccer ball! Sliding will never be more fun.
  9. Draw on yourself with bathtub crayons or paint and see how long it takes for the rain to clean you off! If it’s warm enough, throw on your swimwear so you have more skin to color on.
  10. Catch raindrops in your mouth and on your tongue. (Great time to teach kids about fresh water!)
  11. Take slow motion pictures/video of your kids jumping in puddles and then have a show with popcorn after to watch the fun.
  12. Break out the umbrellas. Have them pay attention to the sound. Then when they hop in the shower later, have them close their eyes, plug their ears and put their head under the water. See if they think that sounds similar to the storm (I do!).
  13. Sit under an umbrella, covered area, or opened garage with hot cocoa and tell campfire stories (or just chat!).
  14. Have the kids go on a scavenger hunt for animals and insects. Find out who likes the rain and who went to hide. (For example: ants, birds, cats, spiders, potato bugs, dogs, bees, flies, etc.).
  15. Let the kids “finger paint” on the driveway with shaving cream. See how long their drawings can stay before the rain washes it away.
  16. Blow bubbles! Does the rain affect the bubbles? See who can blow the biggest one!
  17. Go on a worm hunt! Worms LOVE rain and will often times come to the surface during the rain. Have them count how many they can find (winner picks the treat after all the fun?).
  18. Play water animal charades! Act like animals that love water!
  19. Live near a hill? Let the kids try to slide down the hill (like they would in snow).
  20. Make a mud pie!

Stay safe! Make sure you watch for lightning. Click here to read up on staying safe when there is a lightning storm.

Also, familiarize yourself with local hazards such as flash flooding and what the warnings mean.

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