St. George Town Square | St. George, Utah

St. George Town Square can be found on Main Street here in St. George, UT between St. George Blvd and 100 South. We love Town Square for an easy family afternoon together.

Main Attractions:

  • Lazy River
  • Splash Pad
  • Carousel
  • Children’s Museum

Here is a map courtesy Google Maps. This shows the entire town square. You can see that all the main attractions are close to one another, although the carousel is down from the lazy river and if a kid were to go to the carousel area, you would not be able to see them from the lazy river or splash pad.



This is the #1 reason my kids like Town Square. The Lazy River is just deep enough that you can get cooled down in the 100+ degree summer temps, but just shallow enough that your very little little’s can run free and enjoy themselves. There is a rock waterfall on the north side of the river that flows in to very shallow water. There are also large sitting rocks in the middle of the river. This area is usually where you will find babies and toddlers alongside their parents. Parents: Get your feet wet!! If you are going to brave the heat and take the kids, make sure you get your toes wet, too! Don’t be afraid to wear your bathing suit either! I often will go with my suit under a sun dress or water shorts so I can plop right down in the water with the kids (or without!).

town square splash pad st george utah

There are covered areas with tables for you to sit at, but they fill up fast. Bring a blanket or towels for sitting on the small patch of grass, or even your own folding chair if you are going in the dead of summer. This place gets really full! Middle of summer, I recommend going around 11AM. It isn’t super busy, but still hot enough for the kids to have fun. Then we follow it up with a lunch in the grassy area (or table if you are lucky). Even if the place is super busy, or you have to go later in the day, don’t worry about it. My kids still love it because that means there is always a friend to play with when brother or sister ditch you. 😉 There are bathrooms right next to the Lazy River and drinking fountains.  There are garbage cans near the covered areas and tables; these tend to attract bees. I prefer to drag the chairs away from the trash, but then you might be in the sun. I suppose it is a give and take when the bees are buzzing.

You can bring toys to use in the water. I usually bring water balls or cups for my kids. You can bring water guns or shooters, but let me just say that as a bystander, I hate these. But the kids? They love um!  I have yet to meet a kid that only squirts someone who is “playing”. Random parents are always getting hit and some poor baby gets caught in the crossfire. This is totally up to you, but I just want to put that out there. 🙂


The carousel is also loved by the kids. Beware that if you hit the water first then you will have slippery bums on this ride. Bring towels to put down, or tell them to hang on!! You can view an up to date schedule for the carousel here.  The cost is pretty reasonable. Children under 42″ are free. Over 42″ is $1 for 2 rides (up to 14 years old). Older than that it is $1 for 1 ride. There are group rates as well.


The Children’s Museum is fairly new and well loved by the community. It is free, however a donation is recommended for attending. They have various rooms on 3 floors for the kids to pretend play. They even have a stage/performance room so you can sing a solo (alongside music of course). This is within walking distance from the splash pad, but I do not recommend going here if you are sopping wet. Out of respect for the floors, toys, and other items inside, please make sure you have thoroughly dried off before attending. For more information on dates and special events, visit their Facebook page here.



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