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The Sullivan Virgin River Soccer park is more than just soccer fields. This park has so much to offer and is fun for the whole family (even if you don’t play soccer)!  The “soccer park”, as we like to call it, is located in St. George’s neighboring city, Washington, UT. We lived in the area long before the soccer part was finished; it was just the fishing pond. It has been fun to see the park expand into a total recreation package.

Upon entering the park off Washinton Fields Road, the first thing you will see is the Urban Fishery Pond. This pond is open to the public for fishing.  The pond is stocked with trout every 3 weeks between October and April.  Kids under 12 can fish for free (12+ need a fishing license).


Bathrooms close to the pond mean you don’t have to haul a Im-gonna-pee-my-pants-kid too far! Yay!  There’s also a ton of grass to roll in when fishing gets a bit boring. It’s perfect for a family evening. Bring your chairs and fishing poles!

As you continue past the fishing pond, you’ll come to the 4 soccer fields and pavilions.  This is where I was pleasantly surprised; not only are there soccer fields, but you will also find a playground, barbecue area, pickleball courts, water feature, splash pad and playground.


The park is well kept and has sidewalks, bathrooms and large parking lots for an easy family outing. The bathrooms are very clean and the landscaping is well taken care of. This is an all-around great park to spend time in.  Do be cautious–the trees are not very big…yet.  Shade is really limited to being under the pavilions. Keep this in mind when bringing the little ones in summer.







I had no idea they planned a playground and water feature. Of course it makes complete sense with how many people are watching soccer games throughout the year.  It’s the perfect set up to enjoy a game, or the playground, without having to be too far away from everyone.





This is a great family park. Do keep in mind that it would not be ideal to visit during a soccer tournament if you don’t have to be there. 4 soccer fields full means A LOT of people. If it is during hot months, you better believe those pavilions and splash pad are going to be packed full of people.  However, during sporting breaks, this park is usually pretty quiet.

ADDRESS: 965 S. Washington Fields Dr, Washington, UT

Things to Remember:

  • Busy during sporting events
  • Shade is only available under pavilions
  • Splash Pad runs March 31-October 1 only
  • Park connects to the Virgin River Trail
  • Park has access to the Virgin River
  • Kids 11 years and under fish for free; 12+ need a license

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