The Family Camping Checklist

This summer our family of 6 will load up our minivan and embark on a 7 day tent camping adventure in the pacific northwest. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit anxious about the thought.  So anxious, in fact, that I am starting our checklist and packing now (yup, packing anything I can NOW!). You heard me. A grand 2 months before the adventure.  Camping close to home has a sort of comfort to it. You know the feeling: not too far that you can’t just go home on a bad night. I love having that in my back pocket. However we will be staying 17+ hours from home with no such comfort in sight.  As I browsed the web for some handy ideas (I knew there were some pretty together people out there that would save me some work), I came across a pretty complete camping list. In fact, the makers ( refer to it as their “Ultimate Family Camping Checklist”.  I agree. It is pretty ultimate. So ultimate that I am going to begin my packing endeavors off this bad boy. Considering each family is unique and each adventure is unique, I am sure I will have some changes to the list. And once I do, you best believe I will share them with all of you!!

In the meantime, are you going camping? Are you bringing some little kiddos with you? CLICK HERE to check out this awesome camping checklist to get you started.

There are a few things I would add right out of the gate. First off — all kinds of clips or clamps; strong ones, small ones, and any other you can find. I would also add bungee cords. Lots and lots of bungee cords.  Both items come in handy when trying to close broken zippers on backpacks (or even a coat), hanging up heavy clothes (likes shoes), holding down tablecloths in the wind, clamping together a broken box or tote and so many other things. You also just can’t forget the duct tape.

I think I would create a new section on the list titled “Macgyver”.


Top items (so far) in my Macgyver section:

  • Duct tape
  • Bungee Cords
  • Clamps/Clips
  • Paperclip

What would you add to your camping list?

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