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If you are looking for a place to swim AND play, the Washington City Community Center (rec center) is a great place to visit.  What our family has loved about Washington City’s pool area, or aquatic center as they call it, is that it’s more than just a swimming area. There are pool jungle gyms, splash pads, and more. Really it’s like a mini water park without the expense.

The Washington City Community Center is located in Washington City, Utah (just outside of St. George).

You can purchase membership to the entire community center whether you are a Washington City resident or not. Prices will change depending on residency. However, you can also pay entrance fees for just the day.  Our favorite deal is buying the swim pass they offer during the summer months.  Usually beginning in May or June you can purchase a 3 month unlimited swim pass for the entire family. This only puts you back $99, but it is well worth it if you plan on visiting a lot (or have a large family). We figured that we had to visit more than 6 times to make it worth our dime (not hard to do!).

If you have little ones, this pool is great! With a beach entrance (gradually increases in depth), there is plenty of places to set non-walking babies where they can splash the day away.  Step in a little further and toddlers feel like one of the big kids running around in the big pool, but still staying safe.  It’s also nice that they offer free life jackets for all children, should you need them; infant sizes and up are available.

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The jungle gym is located in the shallow portion of the pool. It has slides, buckets of dumping water, and  plenty of places to climb. The slides are great even for little ones. The bottom extends out so they can gradually come to a stop in a small pool of water.  It is a bit tricky getting up to the top of the slide. When the bucket dumps, they will get wet if their timing is off. My 4-year-old quickly learned to loop the slide as many times as possible immediately following the dump. She was not a fan of being under the splash.

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There is a floating divider that lets kids know where the pool starts to get “big kid” deep.  My hubby and I usually park ourselves on the little kid side, just before the divider. This allowed us to see the kids playing, but made it impossible for them to sneak to the deep end, which the inevitably try to do.

On the “big kid” side, there is a large area where they can just play and have fun.  Beyond the open area is the lazy river. This is somewhat of a U shape with jets that propel the water around the bends. Lift your feet up, roll on to your back and enjoy the river. Most of the lazy river also takes you out in to the sunshine with is super nice on sunny days.

Next to the lazy river is a slide that is very fun for smaller children. If the other slides, by the dumping bucket, are too much then walk over to the toddler area (as I call it) so they can play and splash with less traffic and bucket splashing. There are swings and shallow play areas available as well.

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My older boys favorite is the hydrotube slide, of course!!  Up the stairs you go and enjoy 3 stories of sliding fun. The slide dumps out in to a separate pool area so you never have to worry about random collisions, unless someone doesn’t get out of the way in time. Luckily they do very well with their life guards. I have been impressed with their awareness and how on top of overly rambunctious kids they are. I’ve even been reprimanded for being too far away from my little one (oops). I much prefer these types of life guards than those that are completely bored and not paying attention to anyone.

If the pool is getting crazy and you want some sunshine, they open the side doors in the summer months.  The patio area leads to an outdoor splash pad, open grass area and BBQ pavillion.  There are plenty of lounge chairs that can be moved from indoor to outside if you want to soak in the sun.

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If you get hungry or thirsty, there is an indoor eating area where you can order standard “park” food like soda, pretzels, nachos, chips, candy and more.





  • Swimming areas for all age groups
  • Open on holidays
  • Open all year
  • Daycare available
  • Restaurant Available
  • Locker room with showers
  • Still open during swim meets (although it gets crowded)
  • Clean


  • During summer and spring, it can be very busy; during these times it can be hard to find a lounge chair to stash your stuff
  • Not free (that’s not a fair con as I don’t expect it to be free, but it certainly would be a super PRO 😀 )

Address: 350 North Community Center Drive
Washington, UT 84780

Phone: (435) 656-6360

Website (Aquatic Center): http://new.washingtoncity.org/communitycenter/index.php?tab=7

General Info:

  • 8 lane lap pool (competition pool)
  • 10,174 sq foot beach entry leisure pool
  • Lazy River
  • 3 story hydro tube slide
  • Play sets (for all ages)
  • 3600 gallon dump bucket
  • Splash pad
  • Outdoor BBQ Pavillion

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