Whiterocks Amphitheater | Snow Canyon State Park

Whiterocks Amphitheater is short, easy hike to a bowl-like amphitheater among beautiful white rocks.  Within the amphitheater is soft white sands that the kids will love to play in. Make sure they keep their eyes open for tons of animal tracks from bunnies to lizards and even snakes.


There is ample parking, but there are no bathrooms. Make sure you break before you start the hike! There is also minimal to no shade coverage. Summers are going to be hot! We started our trek around 1030AM and we were very hot by 11AM. The amphitheater hike is quick enough you could do this first thing in the mornings and follow it up with more shaded hikes later.

The initial trail is very well marked…at the beginning. Once you pass the “WHITEROCKS” signs it becomes a bit more interesting. Nothing marks the amphitheater and the easiest (or most common?) route is not well marked. I simply followed the areas that looked worn while my older boys just found their way, going in my general direction. You will find a lot of footprints going in lots of directions…they will all eventually lead together.

**NOTE: If you are looking to do the Whiterocks Amphitheater hike and then circle back and do the full length “WHITEROCKS” hike…pay attention to the sign marker in the picture below–it says “Lava Flow” next to a worn “Whiterocks”. You will go to the amphitheater and THEN come back to this spot to change direction. The full length (4 mile roundtrip) Whiterocks Trail will walk around the white rocks where as the amphitheater hike walks you in to the white rocks.

Head straight towards the white rocks to see the amphitheater.

You will have to scramble up the rocks to get in to the amphitheater. I believe that any age range of child could do this. The younger or less experienced kiddos would simply need some guidance. In fact, the kids will be quite proud of themselves after they climb up. For the little ones I found it makes them feel as though they are doing some major adventure and doing what the big kids normally get to do (anything “off trail” seems so much cooler).

Once inside the bottom of the amphitheater bowl, there will be some grass and could be standing water (depending on time of year and recent storms).  This is it! Let the kids explore and enjoy themselves. If you head to the right (sand area where the bushes are in the picture below) there are some areas that may provide you with shade (morning to lunch time). Also, have the kids scour these sandy areas for animal tracks! We found so many on our visit and one that looked like a centipede?!

Straight in front of you, when entering the amphitheater, you will see a sneak peek in to Snow Canyon. It’s such a fun contrast to see the red rock against the white rock.

The Whiterocks Amphitheater hike is a perfect visit for a quick hike. It is approximately 2 miles round-trip (probably a tad less) and can take anywhere from 30 minutes to longer based on how much time you spend playing.


This can confuse some visitors when trying to access Whiterocks Amphitheater trailhead. This trail is actually off of Highway 18, OUTSIDE of Snow Canyon State Park. This is still a fee area! If coming through Snow Canyon State Park–drive through the entire park, pass the second ranger station and come to the T in the road. Turn left. Trail head will be on your left.  If coming from St. George, you can drive straight up Highway 18 (north on Bluff Street and keep going straight). However, please be sure you have a paid pass for the park, or you will need to enter the park to pay the day use fee.


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